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Water Heater in Bloomington / Normal, IL

For the best water heater services in Bloomington / Normal, IL, and surrounding areas, look no further than Sunkel Plumbing! With more than 65 years of experience in the plumbing industry, you will get prompt and professional water heater services when you need us, – guaranteed! Our experienced plumbers are fully licensed and insured to handle all your residential water heater needs, including new water heater installations, tankless water heaters, water heater repairs, and more.

Our Water Heater Repair and Replacement Services

Our water heater services include:

Whether you are searching for electric, propane or gas water heater services in Bloomington / Normal, Illinois, you can trust Sunkel Plumbing to provide the best in class services in Bloomington / Normal!

Hot Water Heater Replacements

If your existing water heater, whether it’s tankless or a conventional water heater has become inefficient, it is time to look for water heater replacement services. Our plumbing experts with their vast industry knowledge and skills are your best option. We provide many different types of heaters along with different brands to fit any application. When your tank is leaking or has stopped working don’t wait! Call Sunkel Plumbing, the area experts for fast reliable water heater service.

New Hot Water Heater Installations

Having a water heater system installed in a home is a big decision. Let Sunkel Plumbing provide you with the different options. There are many different products for a reason, as one type of tank doesnt work best in every application. We specialize in providing the best solutions for your home.

One of the items we will address is the capacity of the water tank. How much hot water do you need? Our process lets us recommend the right size so you have hot water when you need it. Too small of a tank and you will not get enough hot water, too big and you will be wasting energy. Our team is here to help make things easier for you and your loved ones, that’s the reason why we’re one of the most preferred water heater service providers in Bloomington / Normal, IL.

Why Choose Sunkel Plumbing?

For any plumbing service, including water heater services, our team here at Sunkel Plumbing offers unparalleled peace of mind, ensuring you are happy with our work. We can service or install all makes and models of water heaters. Whether it is cleaning the tank, flushing out scale and sediment, or replacing the entire unit, you will receive honest recommendations from our plumbing experts.

Call Sunkel Plumbing today at 309-829-5320 or Book Online Now, to receive the best water heater services in Bloomington / Normal, IL, and nearby areas.

We provide repairs, maintenance, replacements, and installations of tank and tankless water heaters.

With more than 65 years of plumbing experience and a team of highly trained and experienced plumbers, we are the best in town.

Simply give us a call today at 309-829-5320 and speak with one of our experts on how we can help you with any plumbing problem or you can schedule an appointment online now!

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