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Bloomington Plumber - Indoor Air QualityIndoor air quality is becoming more and more important as the decades go by. As areas of the country get more populated, the quality of our indoor air drops. Cleaning it up can be easily done with the right equipment for your home. Our expert indoor air quality contractors at Sunkel Plumbing can help you with your indoor air quality, ensuring the air in your home is safe and clean for you and your family.

New research on Normal indoor air quality reveals the startling fact that merely walking on your Illinois home’s carpet can release potentially harmful particles into the air. These particles, when inhaled, lodge themselves in your lungs, potentially contributing to health problems like asthma. The most surprising finding of the research? That walking on carpet and sitting on furniture released as many fine particles as vacuuming.

This research hints at a much larger problem: poor indoor air quality in the homes of most consumers. Most homes harbor an alarming assortment of potentially toxic chemicals and substances. Carpet particles, as mentioned in this research, are usually made from synthetic fibers derived from petroleum. Their impact on the lungs is largely unknown.

At Sunkel Plumbing, our indoor air quality services provide only the best when it comes to products to make your home a healthy home. You have many options available for your indoor air cleaners and purifiers. From whole home systems to small area cleaners, filtration units, and more, our indoor air quality contractors can help you get the air cleaned inside your home.

Indoor Air Quality Tests for Bloomington Homeowners

Sunkel Plumbing indoor air quality contractors can also test your home for pollutants like mold, mildew, algae, and gases or other particulates that aren’t healthy. These tests ensure you have the air you need for your home and take the guess work away. Gases and mold can be dangerous to your health, and the problem is you can’t see them so you’ve no idea if they’re there unless you’re already getting sick for no apparent reason. Air quality tests can be done by our professional Bloomington plumbers and indoor air quality contractors so you know just what air pollutants you need to get rid of and how to get rid of them.

Mold Remediation Indoor Air Quality Equipment for Bloomington Homes

It only takes three days for mold to grow and pollute your home. Water damages, high humidity levels, and roof leaks can cause mold spores to grow. All air is filled with mold, but in order fore it to thrive it needs moisture. Mold releases toxins that can harm us, so it’s important that our air stay clean and dry. If you do have mold growing, the spores are everywhere and it’s a problem. You’ll want the right type of air purifier that can get rid of it. Our indoor air quality contractors can test for and install an air purifier for mold in your Bloomington area home.

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