Why Sump Pumps Are Important for Your Bloomington, IL Home?


Sump pumps are an important part of your home’s water drainage system. If you live in Bloomington, IL, it’s especially important to have a sump pump installed in your basement to protect your home from potential water damage. Here are three reasons why sump pumps are so important for homes in Bloomington, IL.

1. Sump pumps help to prevent flooding in your basement

A sump pump in your Bloomington, IL house can be a lifesaver if your surroundings are susceptible to flooding. By installing a sump pump in your basement, you can help to prevent water from entering your home and causing damage.

2. Sump pumps can help to safeguard your home from water damage

Water damage can be extremely costly to repair. In addition, it can also lead to mold growth in your home. By installing a sump pump, you can help to prevent water damage to your home and protect your family from the health risks associated with mold.

3. Sump pumps can help to reduce your home insurance rates

If you have a sump pump installed, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have taken steps to protect their homes from water damage, such as installing a sump pump.

The sump pump installation cost in Normal, IL is well worth the investment when you consider the protection it offers your home. If you don’t have a sump pump in your basement, now is the time to get one installed.

At Sunkel Plumbing, we can help you choose the right sump pump for your home and install it properly. We also offer sump pump repair near Bloomington, IL, in case you ever need it.

Contact us today at 309-829-5320 to learn more about our sump pump services or to schedule a consultation.

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