Signs to Schedule Hot Water Heater Services in Bloomington, IL

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If you’re a homeowner and your water heater is leaking or making strange noises, it’s time to schedule hot water heater services in Bloomington, IL. Have the pros come out to take a look. They can repair or replace your broken water heater so you have heat again in no time. Some of the signs it’s time to call the professionals:

1) Water leaks

The most obvious sign that you need hot water heater services is a leak. Water damage is expensive and dangerous, so fix the problem right away to avoid further problems. If your water heater isn’t leaking but it makes strange noises, like popping or clunking sounds, don’t ignore it and wait to call a service technician.

2) Strange sounds

A popping or clunking sound isn’t normal for a water heater, especially not one that’s still at its best working age. If the noise doesn’t go away after you run hot water, then you might as well hand in your notice as a homeowner because you have a faulty hot water heater on your hands.

3) Age

It’s time to schedule hot water heater services when you’re looking at a substantial age difference between the unit and the house itself. These days, most central heating and cooling systems last about 15 years or more before they start giving owners issues that require a professional’s help. That being said, if your home is a bit older or newer than 15 years, it’s best to have the heater serviced anyway. It could save you money in the long run.


Along with the above services, the experts provide tankless water heater installation services in Bloomington, IL. The pros come out and check the situation and make a diagnosis of what is needed to fix your water heater and provide you with a quote for their services. If you accept, they will do the job there and then or on another day that suits you. To book an appointment with the experts, call Sunkel Plumbing today at 309-485-4892.

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