How to Properly Maintain Your Garbage Disposal to Avoid Common Issues?


Your garbage disposal is an important part of your Bloomington, IL kitchen. It’s what helps you get rid of food waste quickly and easily, so it doesn’t sit in your trash can for days on end. But like any other piece of equipment, your garbage disposal needs to be properly maintained to avoid common issues. In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on how to do just that. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Use cold water when running your garbage disposal

Hot water can cause grease and fat to solidify, which can then lead to clogs. Cold water, on the other hand, will help keep things moving through your disposal. So, whenever you’re using the garbage disposal in your Bloomington, IL home, make sure to only use cold water.

2. Don’t pour grease down the drain

As we mentioned, grease can solidify and cause clogs. So, it’s best to avoid pouring it down the drain altogether. Instead, dispose of it in the trash.

3. Avoid putting hard-to-grind items in the garbage disposal

Some items are just too difficult to grind up, no matter how powerful your garbage disposal is. Things like chicken bones, coffee grounds, and fruit pits should not go down the disposal. Instead, throw them in the trash.

4. Run the garbage disposal regularly

Even if you’re not using it every day, it’s important to run the garbage disposal regularly. This will help keep it from getting gunked up and will also help prevent rust.

5. Clean the garbage disposal regularly

You should also clean your garbage disposal regularly, using a brush or other cleaning tool to reach the blades. You can also use a natural cleaner like white vinegar. Just run it through the disposal with some cold water.

Following these tips will help you avoid common issues with your garbage disposal. If you do run into any problems, though, don’t hesitate to call a professional or look for a 24-hour plumber near me in Bloomington, IL for assistance.

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