Great Ideas For A Successful Bloomington Bathroom Model

Remodeling your bathroom can be just the thing your home needs. A bathroom remodel can brighten your home, improve its resell value, or just provide you with that extra bit of comfort and convenience you need. Of course, not all of us are contractors or plumbers. Where to begin? Here are a few tips to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project:

Where To Begin Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

  • Plan ahead

    bathroom remodel is not something you want to get done flying by the seat of your pants. Yes, be creative in the execution, but make sure you have a carefully constructed plan going in. Mistakes can be very expensive and very time-consuming.

  • Know your budget inside and out

    Have a very good idea of just how much you can spend on a project, and try to stick with it. Costs can pile up quickly, so make sure that you have a ‘big picture’ idea of the costs involved in your bathroom remodeling project and just how much wiggle room you can afford.

  • Repair, if you can

    Not everything needs to be replaced! Find value where you can and repair plumbing and fixtures that will work within your new plan and design, instead of replacing them entirely. Work with what you have, if possible.

  • Ask for help

    There’s no reason to go it alone. Get advice from the Bloomington plumbers or even the guy or gal at your favorite hardware store. It could help you avoid costly mistakes and even provide you with some ideas that hadn’t occurred to you.

  • Small changes can make a big difference

    Sometimes small aesthetic tweaks can really brighten a space and make it feel like a whole new room. Concentrate on the small details like drawer pulls, faucets, etc. Creating a cohesive look across these elements can pull the bathroom remodel together and give it a polished, professional look.

  • Build to code

    If you are doing any serious structural changes to your bathroom, make sure that you are staying within your local/county regulations. Not building to code can leave you with a very costly second remodel down the road and strip away all the value you thought you were building into your home with the bathroom remodel.

  • Let there be light

    Don’t stick with the old light bulb over the sink routine. Your bathroom is where you groom, so don’t you think you should have as much visibility as possible? Consider supplementing your existing lighting with additional fixtures, recesses, etc. during your bathroom remodel.

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