Bloomington Plumbing RemodelingThere are many things you can do to change a home that will improve your lifestyle. Remodeling from your Bloomington plumber offers you many opportunities to get what you want.

Most people don’t think about the plumbing when remodeling, but plumbing upgrades can really increase our quality of life.

New technologies that make our lives better and easier are constantly being invented. Here are a few plumbing upgrades you’ll want that make life better and more fun.

Phenomenal Bathtub Upgrades For Bathroom Remodeling

Futuristic bathtub designs can really catapult your home into the current century. If you are remodeling, consider replacing your old tub with one.

There are Jacuzzi style bathtubs created by designers like Dominik Chojnacki that look like they belong in multi-million dollar futuristic homes. But they’d look great in yours too! One particular bathtub is designed for vertical use. Very awesome to look at, it also promises a truly awesome bathing experience.

Inflatable tubs are designed for people with disabilities. They provide an easier and more thorough bathing experience. Designed especially for those who can’t get around well, the inflatables are extremely useful and actually look great!

New technologies are integrated into contemporary bathtubs. There are bathtubs that have remote controls. There are also eco-friendly options, like the sunken tub by Lenci Design. A contemporary bathtub can have a special filtration system to save water and protect the environment.

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Whole house water filtration systems protect your entire home. Hard water has sediments in it like lime. Lime turns into scale when it’s heated by the hot water tank or the dishwasher. If you’ve seen chalky matter all over your dishes after using the dishwasher, it’s scale. This is not very good for your health or your plumbing system.

A whole house water filtration system will help to remove these sediments. Whether you only drink bottled water or not, all your home’s plumbing system will be in better shape.

The Whole Home Tankless Hot Water Heater

Instant hot water on demand is a wonderful thing. You never run out of hot water no matter how much you use. A tankless hot water heater can be installed anywhere in your home including outdoors or in your guest addition. You also have the option to get a whole home tankless hot water heater if you like. They use less energy and take up very little space.


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