Bloomington Plumber - Garbage DisposalsFor expert garbage disposal installations, repairs, and maintenance, call on our team at Sunkel Plumbing. As Bloomington plumbers, we can provide you with a huge selection of quality garbage disposals when you need them. Are you sick of your kitchen garbage disposal? Well, it could be making you sick too.

Dirty garbage disposals are PRIME incubators for bacteria. And we all know that bacteria easily makes us sick when we or something that comes near us is infested by bacteria.

Garbage disposals are pretty simple and they all work on a similar principle. They have a flat plate with small, rotating, steel mashers, and an inner disposal wall that has "teeth" to do the job of grinding your food waste. A motor inside the unit rotates the flat plate in the food-grinding area. When you switch the unit on, the mashers are forced to swing toward the outside of the spinning plate.

Always make sure the water is running whenever the disposal is running. It is always better to use your garbage can, rather then the disposal. Contrary to what people believe, it's only really supposed to catch and get rid of particles of food left on plates AFTER they've been scraped off.

Potato peals and egg shells will cause your drain to get clogged fast, and so will stringy vegetables like celery though with that it takes more time unless it causes the blades to seize. These issues may happen over time or could happen right away.

Disposals should be run only until the food has been ground up, which is usually less than 30 seconds. Also, make sure to run a full stream of cold water through the garbage disposal while it grinds. Then let the water run for another 30 seconds after you turn off the disposal. Fill the disposal with cubed ice about once a week and let it grind it up without turning on the water at first, run cold water at the very end. This helps to keep blades sharp.

Garbage Disposal Replacements For Your Bloomington Sinks

There are two primary types of disposals, the continuous feed and batch feed system.

Continuous feed garbage disposals - When you place food in the disposal and switch it on, the mashers force food against the teeth of the inner wall and shred it. The shredded food then falls through small holes between the spinning plate and the inside walls, and is diverted into the drainpipe.

The job of the rubber shield at the top of the disposal is to keep fast-moving food particles from being ejected out of the disposal. The stopper lets you plug the sink to hold water when you're not using the disposal.

Batch feed garbage disposals - Batch feed disposals function exactly like continuous feed disposals´┐Żthe difference is only in how you turn them on. To turn these garbage disposals on, you place a special stopper in the disposal opening and turn it. The stopper activates a switch that turns on the disposal.

Your garbage disposal can jam if something solid or tough gets lodged between the spinning plate and the inside wall of the disposal. There aren't many parts of your garbage disposal that you can or should service yourself, so be sure to call a service professional for any repairs your disposal may need. And, be sure to never put your hands near the opening while it is running.

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Every garbage disposal has a limited lifetime. And generally, they really don't last for that many years before you'd want to replace them anyway. Even among the best manufacturers, you'll find up to 2 year warranties. If you haven't had yours serviced or replaced within the last five to seven years, it's past time to have us take a look at it. Garbage disposals are a snap for a professional plumber to replace, so don't hesitate to give us a call if you'd like to put in a new, clean unit so you can be satisfied with knowing it will run effectively for a few years.

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