Bloomington Area Plumber Testimonials

These guys know their stuff! Excellent service, very informed technicians, and great to work with. I had Daniel come into my house, everything explained, quoted, and done within a few hours. I needed a toilet and it was installed that same day! I was incredibly impressed. Also each technician has an ipad which was great because I could see what I was paying for and what all needed to be purchased for the job at hand. Also they have a wonderful service plan where they send a technician to my home once a year to check on all the plumbing to make sure everything is working properly. I don't have very much experience with plumbing so this plan means I will not have to worry if something breaks down or leaks. My house was built in '72 so who knows what problems will arise. I feel very comfortable knowing I have these guys to rely on to make sure everything is running smoothly. I would recommend these guys to anyone, family, friends, and strangers. Great business and great people!

Daniel Kaupp

Sunkel Plumbing is a great business, well run, and great people. They are available when you need them. Strongly recommend them.

Joseph Samuelson

The team at Sunkel Plumbing is polite and professional. I have had interactions with the owner Jason and other team members. Every time I call Sunkel Plumbing, they are able to answer my questions and provide the right guidance I need. I highly recommend hiring and working with Sunkel for all your plumbing problems.

Gregg Towsley

Your repair plumber was great!

Cathy Modale

I'm very pleased with the excellent service, workmanship and respect for our home that Sunkel Plumbing has provided my family. In 2013 Sunkel Plumbing installed a new tankless hot water system and water softener in our home. Even without super-hard water the softener makes a notable difference in the shower and in the kitchen (dishwasher and sink are free of hard water stains, scale and soap scum). The system uses very little salt and only regenerates after so much hot water is softened (not every night). We love that will never run out of hot water. We also enjoy lower gas bills by switching to a tankless water heater; our highest gas bill during the harsh winter of 2013-2014 was $158 for 3,300 sq ft of home (incl basement). When your hot water tank dies; consider Sunkel Plumbing for an upgrade to a tankless system. It's a worthwhile investment.

Luke Funfar

Sunkel Plumbing is a professional, polite, family owned business that takes pride in quality work and customer satisfaction. Every experience I've had with them has been honest and done right. I was a raving fan from my first experience when the owner, Jason came out to my building for a call, spent a lot of time educating me and saving me money and didn't even charge me a dime, despite my insistence. I've been a loyal happy customer ever since!

Robert M. | Bloomington, IL

Excellent business ethics and fast, responsive service. Highly recommended. Used again and the service is getting better and better!

Kristine B.| Bloomington, IL

I have never thought to review Sunkel, But I SHOULD! If you have an older home and care about it, these are the men I would call. They specialize in older homes. We have had them to re plumb a basement, a bathroom, replace drainage pipes and clean out a clogged garbage disposal. Jason, one of the owners, is just a down to earth guy who does his work and cleans up after himself. We have had them here multiple times and I feel each time has been exactly the same; reputable guys doing good work.

Jamie M.| Bloomington, IL

We had an emergency last night and they came out immediately and fixed the problem quickly. It was a great relief and I would use them again.

Tim O.| Bloomington, IL

I've been using Sunkel for years and appreciate their quality and attention to detail.

Mark A.| Bloomington, IL

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