Can Air Duct Cleaning Reduce Your Energy Bills and Save You Money?

Cooling and heating your home accounts for a large portion of your energy costs each month, and as a homeowner, you never want to be overspending on any of your utilities if it can be avoided. There are several factors that can contribute to the cost of energy in your Bloomington home, and it’s very easy for some unnoticeable or seemingly small factors to add up over time. Air duct cleaning is one easily overlooked service that can wind up lowering your energy expenses significantly.

Cleaning and Sealing Your Ducts for Increased Efficiency

There are a few problems you can have with the ducts in your Bloomington home that could contribute to the inefficiency of your HVAC system. Your ducts, in fact, could account for up to 20% of your energy usage, and when you have poor insulation, leaks, disconnects, or excessive dust or blockage, there could be major problems with you ducts’ air flow, which will contribute to energy waste and increase your monthly costs.

Having your air ducts cleaned regularly will ensure that there’s no significant build-up or blockage in the system, and it will also give our professionals a chance to check your ductwork for other problems.

Complete Optimization of Your HVAC System

When you’re looking to save money on your energy costs, the best thing to do is have seasonal maintenance performed on your entire HVAC system. A duct inspection will be part of this service, and the professionals at [company_name] will ensure that your ducts are clean and clear, and that they’re properly sealed.

But there are other parts of your HVAC system that may need attention as well. Our professionals will assess the condition of your system and let you know if we believe any additional services are necessary for the optimization of your system. Some of these services include:

  • Checking and recharging your refrigerant levels. If your refrigerants are even a little low, they can be drastically raising the costs of your energy.
  • Diagnosing leaks of refrigerants. We’ll make sure that any leaks of your refrigerants are accurately taken care of.
  • Coil inspection and cleaning. Dirty coils can restrict airflow, stress compressors, and increase your energy consumption by as much as 20%.
  • Thermostat inspection. Older, worn out thermostats can cause a number of problems with your HVAC system.

Optimizing your entire HVAC system is the best way to ensure not only the lowest energy costs possible each month in your Bloomington home, but also the fewest repairs possible, and the longest life span.

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